Errors In Your Order

The team at Blinds Warehouse have been in the industry for many years and appreciates that when placing an order, customers can inadvertently enter incorrect information and/or choices.

It is imperative you follow the instructions contained in the measuring guide and provide Blinds Warehouse with exact window measurements. If you follow the Measuring Guide and do this, then we can guarantee you a perfect fit.

NEVER work off house plans, measurements of existing blinds or any other formula you may have heard about as we cannot guarantee the fit of your blinds if you do and we will not be held accountable.

It is equally important that you review your order for accuracy prior to payment.

What to do if you discover an error after you have placed or received your order

Should you identify an error in your order, you are asked to contact Blinds Warehouse immediately by completing a Issue Form.

In the unlikely (but possible) event that we make a mistake in the processing or despatching of your order, we will either repair or remake it at no charge to you.

You are asked to notify Blinds Warehouse by logging into your personal account and submitting your Issue Form immediately when you identify an error in your order. One of our Customer Support Team members will contact you within one business day after receiving your form.

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