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Australia's #1 Online Window Furnishing Store... Where the customers come first

We're pleased your internet search for window furnishings has led you to Blinds Warehouse, where our customers come first.

  • We've invested heavily in researching the best ways to provide unbeatable customer service.
  • We've implemented a live online chat service available every hour of every day to ensure there is always someone available to personally assist you with your shopping
  • We are the first and only online blinds company in Australia to provide Personal Account based shopping, which ensures your shopping experience is effortless and enjoyable

Australia's #1 Online Window Furnishing Store.... and more

Yes, Blinds Warehouse is Australia's #1 online window furnishings store. But we are also so much more. Blinds Warehouse is a resource for you to find and share information about personal experiences and the latest trends in blinds, curtains, interior design and more.

On our site, you'll find:
  • The largest selection of quality blinds, venetians, shutters, curtains and other window furnishings and accessories
  • A glossary to help you understand any terminology you don't recognise and more information about each blind
  • Research results and articles about architecture, home decor and interior design that will help you make your selection
  • Videos to help you measure, install, clean and maintain your window furnishings
  • Testimonials from literally thousands of satisfied customers that will give you confidence in your decision to shop with us
  • Live customer service personnel online 24/7, 365 days of the year to answer all of your questions

Australia's #1 Online Window Furnishing Store... Is not just about the blinds

At Blinds Warehouse we care about your entire shopping experience with us. Our Management Team is committed to staying up-to-date with shopping trends and technological trends and most of all to giving our customers exactly what you want to make your shopping experience the best it can be.

International research has proven that Personal Account based e-commerce is the most effective, convenient and customer friendly form of online shopping.

We're the first and only online window furnishings store in Australia to bring this superior shopping experience to you.

Personal Accounts make shopping with Blinds Warehouse a breeze

Personal Accounts make online shopping user-friendly, easy and convenient in so many ways.

  • Make Wishlists - obtain a quote

If you are thinking about buying some blinds, but not ready to make a purchase yet, or if you want to set and store your favourite choices to look at later, simply create a wishlist. Your preferences will be stored in your Personal Account, all set for you to access and act on when you're ready.

  • View your orders

All your transactions, current and past, are stored in your Personal Account. You can view what you ordered and when at your convenience. There's never a need to print hard copies of your orders or keep your own files, as your entire purchase history is conveniently recorded and saved in your personal account.

  • Access tax receipts

Stored along with your transaction history are all the corresponding tax invoices so you never have to worry about losing a tax receipt again. Simply log in to your Personal Account to print a receipt for any purchase you've ever made with us.

  • Track your orders

Confirmation of your order, as well as all despatch information, is sent to your Personal Account, and you are informed of any issue forms with your order via messages sent to and stored in your Personal Account. With a Personal Account, you always know what's going on with your order.

  • Send and receive emails

Communicate with us every step of the way. You can send us any questions, queries or comments directly from your Personal Account. Any email we send you is automatically sent to and stored in your Personal Account too. So you have a comprehensive record of all our communication, all in one place and accessible at any time

  • Make warranty claims

No need to hold on to warranty paperwork. If you have any problems with your Blinds Warehouse products simply log in to your Personal Account, fill in a issue form and we'll work to remediate the problem right away.

Are you ready to shop at Blinds Warehouse?

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