How do I know my personal information is kept private and safe?

Blinds Warehouse is a responsible organisation who operates and is audited under the strict guidelines of the Australian Privacy Act 1988. Therefore, we take your privacy and personal information security very seriously.

As your privacy is very important to us, any personal information we collect is used solely for the purpose of processing and delivering your order.

It is Blinds Warehouse policy that we never sell or distribute your personal information to any individual or organisation for which it was not meant.

Once your order has been processed, any information of a financial nature (i.e. bank details, credit card details etc) is deleted from our system. This is part of our Safe Online Shopping Commitment.

Copies of your orders are retained for auditing purposes or for retrieval by you, the customer.

Blinds Warehouse take all reasonable measures to ensure your personal information is secure. You are encouraged to read our Privacy Policy located in our Terms and Conditions and to contact Blinds Warehouse if you have any concerns regarding our Privacy Policy or our handling of your information.