How to Clean Vertical Blinds / Panel Glides

Though stunning in appearance, many people shy away from vertical and panel blinds due to the incorrect assumption that they are difficult. Thankfully, the team from Blinds Warehouse have developed a fool-proof, easy to follow method of cleaning these blinds which will have them looking new in no time at all.

Things you’ll need:

Remove the blades for cleaning:

Step 1:

Using the pull cord ensure all of the blades are bunched together. Adjust the blades into the open position.

Step 2:

The blades are connected to the tracking system by a top hanger inserted into the blade. Lift the top of the blade gently to release from the carrier the hook that hangs down from the tracking system.

Tip:Do not use force- this may cause the hook or peg to break.

Step 3:

Continue removing all of the blades in sequence. It is important to hold them bunched together when removing.

Step 4:

Once the blades have been removed gently fold them in half being careful not to crease the fabric.

Preparing the bath or tub for soaking:

Step 5:

Half fill the bath or tub using cold water only.

Step 6:

Add ¼ cup of gentle cleanser to the water. (NapiSan recommended, do not use bleach)

Step 7:

We also recommended adding a liquid household detergent or carpet cleaning fluid which is fragranced. You will only need one litre per houseful of vertical blinds.

Step 8:

Stir the water well to dissolve and evenly distribute the solution.

Step 9:

Place the blades into the water gently. It is possible to clean up to four sets of blades at the same time using the same water and solution, depending on the size of the tub.

Soaking the blinds:

Step 10:

Leave the blades to soak for approximately 45 minutes. As the dirt is released from the fabric the colour of the water will change immediately.

Step 11:

Using a nail brush, old toothbrush or bristled scrubbing brush remove any stubborn stains or marks. Use gentle, even strokes against the grain of the fabric. These will be easier to remove whilst the blades are in the water.

Cleaning the track system

Step 12:

When the blades are soaking is a good opportunity to clean the tracking system. You can do this by spraying a diluted cleaning product, carpet cleaning fluid or any household cleaner (non bleach).

Step 13:

Place a towel at the bottom of the window to protect the window sill and floor coverings from excess water.

Step 14:

Spray evenly across the track then wipe off with a clean cloth.

Removing blinds from the bath or tub:

Step 15:

Drain the dirty water from the bath or tub.

Step 16:

To rinse the blinds, half fill the bath or tub with cold water then lift the blades out of the rinsing water.

Step 17:

Hold them over a large bucket to drain excess water.

Step 18:

Carry the blades and bucket together to stop any water dripping onto the floor.

Step 19:

Holding the top of the blades, replace the hangers onto the carriers in sequence starting from the back carrier working towards the front.

Step 20:

Different types of fabrics will determine the best way to allow your blinds to dry.

Depending on the thickness of the fabric, blades should take approximately 30-45 minutes to dry. By following these steps we can ensure your blinds will be sparking clean.

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