Panel Glides

For a modern alternative to Vertical Blinds, Panel Glides are unique in design, functionality and are perfect for large window areas including sliding doors or bi-folding windows. While they are similar to Vertical Blinds in functionality the design offers a completely different style of decor.

A staple of Japanese architecture and decor, Panel Glides are chic space savers that perfectly complement minimalist styling. As the name suggests, the panels simply slide behind one another creating a concertina effect when pulled back to reveal the door or window, and overlapping each other when drawn closed to ensure complete privacy.

Panel Glides don't have the chains and rotating slats commonly associated with traditional blinds which makes them incredibly flexible, user-friendly and increasingly popular with designers. Easily operated from the inside or out and contemporary in appearance, Panel Glides are an effective choice for large windows, sliding and bi-folding doors.
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Compare up to 3 selected products