What is a Wishlist?

A Blinds Warehouse Wishlist is your never ending online quote. You can select multiple products and save them as a group within your Wishlist allowing you to make a purchase at a later date or email them to a family member or friend.

How do I create a Wishlist with Blinds Warehouse?

When you select a product and click ‘Add to my Order’ it will automatically be populated to your shopping cart at the bottom of the page. From here you can select the icon ‘Save to a Wishlist’, simple type in a name for your new Wishlist and then click ‘Create’. It really is that easy!

Can I create multiple Wishlists?

Yes, when shopping with Blinds Warehouse you can create as many Wishlists as you like. All of these Wishlists will be stored in the ‘My Wishlists’ section.

How do I add items to an existing Wishlist?

If you have created a Wishlist but would like to continue shopping and add more items to the same Wishlist you can do so with ease. As you continue to add products and click on the ‘Save to a Wishlist’ icon you will be given the option to add items to a pre-existing Wishlist which will be pre-populated for you if you are logged into your account.

How do I remove items from my Wishlist?

If you need to re-visit your Wishlist you can do so by clicking on ‘My Wishlists’ which is at the right hand corner of any screen within the website. Once in this section you are given the option to remove items from the Wishlist.

How do I add items from my Wishlist to my shopping cart?

Ensuring you are logged into your account you can view your Wishlists by clicking on the field ‘My Wishlists’ from the navigation menu inside your account section. From here you will be able to click the icon next your Wishlist called ‘Add to My Cart’ where your Wishlist will be automatically updated to your shopping cart allowing you to checkout at any time you wish.

How do I send my Wishlist to family or friends?

When viewing your Wishlists in your account area simply click the ‘Email Wishlist’ icon which is located directly above the catalogue of Wishlists. The next step is to simply type in the email address of the person you want to send your Wishlist to.

For more information on how to create a Wishlist, please click here.