What is the Issue Form for?

Blinds Warehouse works with many suppliers and has heavily regulated quality assurance processes and systems in place. Part of these systems include having a process for our customers in the rare event they feel they need support with any aspect of their order. At Blinds Warehouse we understand a customer may have requested an incorrect colour or size, there could be a courier miscommunication or that we may have overlooked a particular aspect of their order.

These sorts of situations don't happen very often, however it is critical for us to have systems in place to deal with them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our commitment to Blinds Warehouse customers is that regardless of the situation, we will always work closely with you to resolve your case quickly and professionally wherever possible.

Blinds Warehouse has a Issue Form which you can locate in your personal account area. By filling in this Issue Form and submitting it to Blinds Warehouse, we will have all the information we need to ensure we can evaluate and process your case.

All steps are taken at Blinds Warehouse to minimise any risk to our customers. Sometimes the problems that occur are outside of our control. This does not mean we do not take responsibility for trying to resolve them on your behalf. We will always work closely with you to try and resolve any support question in a way that is acceptable to all parties.

When you let us know you need support, you are providing us with an opportunity to improve our customer service.